Aims & Values

Our Purpose

We are proud to be the heart of our community and the engine that allows our children and their families to ‘take flight’ as we grow, explore and discover together.

We understand that education is the foundation to future success and value the importance of enabling all children to achieve their full academic and personal potential; our nurturing and holistic approach places the ‘whole child’ at the centre of everything we do.

Our Longmoor Family is built on strong relationships and partnerships where every individual belongs, is respected and is celebrated for their uniqueness and who they are. We provide a safe, happy and nurturing environment where growth is achieved and individuals flourish through a curriculum that engages, excites and responds to the needs of all learners.

The Longmoor Curriculum purposefully seeks to overcome any barriers to learning that our children may face; we ensure that there is equality of opportunity, not only in the delivery of teaching, but in the potential for learning, which includes extensive and unparalleled opportunities to extend and enrich understanding beyond the classroom.

We empower our children with the skills, attitudes and wider experiences needed to make a positive impact on the world and community around them; they leave us as independent citizens of the future and lifelong learners who have the resilience to persevere and find their future success.

Our children are proud to be part of the Longmoor Family; they thrive as a result of the warm and welcoming environment we provide, and the academic and wider opportunities afforded to them.

We seize every single day as an opportunity to grow, explore and discover.


Our Values 

Everything we do is underpinned by our DRIVE values, and we reward children for how they demonstrate them in their everyday lives. We expect everybody in the Longmoor Family to live and breathe them, and we believe by doing so achievement follows.


It is our aim that our children leave us ‘secondary ready’ and by living our values, we can ensure they have the personal character and determination to succeed on their educational journey.

Our school motto embodies everything we believe in. We enable our children to grow and explore while they are with us, in every possible walk of life. And through this, we help them to discover both their own sense of purpose, and their academic potential too.

Fundamental British Values (democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect & tolerance) are promoted throughout daily life at our school.


Our Remarkable

What truly makes us remarkable is our no glass ceilings approach to learning and the opportunities we provide for our children. Many schools want to keep their children as children; whereas we provide them with the ability to grow and become independent, ensuring they’re prepared for secondary school and life beyond.

Along with this, our academic results are way above the average of the other schools within our community and our curriculum also encourages our children to explore and be adventurous in their discovery of their community and the world around them.

Children are the best creators, ideators, and designers. Among the many innovative and simple things they learn, the paper plane is among the first. This simple exercise of folding a piece of paper into a plane and launching evokes so much optimism, you want it to fly higher and longer. It’s your imagination, your will that takes flight.

It’s the symbol of adventure, childhood, imagination, creativity, and optimism – and this is why we chose it as the symbol of our school. We’re proud of our airplane, and the metaphorical airplanes that we encourage our children to build every single day.

We liken this to our ethos that our five values develop children in becoming independent so they can take flight, and be adventurous in their journey of exploring education and the community around them whilst being prepared for Secondary School and life beyond.


Our Rules & Routines

We keep this very simple, so that all Longmoor Learners know and understand what is expected of them while they’re with us. At all times, we expect them to:

Be safe
Be ready
Be respectful

Learners know that they will be praised for following our school rules; conversely, they will be assisted to when needed.