School Council

Members of our School Council work collaboratively with the staff and governors to voice their opinions on improving school life. This includes discussing issues that affect the daily running of our school, organising fundraising events and sharing the suggestions of their peers.

Our democratically elected School Councillors 2019-20:

Year 6 – Mia, Luke.

Year 5 – Hallie, Alfie.

Year 4 – Ruby, Jack.

Year 3 – Grace, Archie.

Year 2 – Sarah, Callie.

This year the School Councillors have a specific focus on improving our local environment. See this year’s manifesto attached below for more information.

School Council Letters & Documents


This month, the School Councillors are focusing on promoting the use of reusable water bottles. We would like you to help. We want children to design eye-catching, informative posters. The poster could include catchy slogans, for example, ‘Say yes to refills, not landfills’. There will be a prize for the best poster in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

The deadline for posters to be brought into school is Friday 7th February.