About Our School

Longmoor Community Primary School is more than a school – it’s a welcoming and inclusive learning environment.

We Aim High

We believe that every child in our care should be given the opportunity to excel. Pupils are encouraged to be engaged, articulate and independent learners who are empowered to succeed.

We Are Independent

Longmoor children make their own decisions about their learning, take responsibility for their own behaviour and take pride in completing their work to a high standard.

We Are Articulate

Pupils are encouraged to find their own voice. They are confident to express their own views, whilst respecting those of others.

We Are Engaged

We provide a stimulating and enriching curriculum that engages pupils and fires pupils’ imaginations. They persevere when they meet a challenge and see mistakes as learning opportunities.

What’s Happening in School?

Latest from LCTV

LCTV (Longmoor Community Television) is the in-house TV station, operated by our older pupils and complementing our Oracy offering in school. We publish videos, including full news reports about what’s happening in our school, on a regular basis.

Our children are responsible for all elements of publishing our videos, from scripting, designing, staging and recording, to editing and publishing the final piece on our Youtube channel. Our specialist recording suite (including green screen and specialist lighting and sound equipment) aids our pupils in their endeavour to create a professional output.

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